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I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
About me:  Soy una persona seria , que busca comunicarse con personas del otro lado del mundo y aprender un poco sobre su cultura, costumbres, idiomas , etc. Tengo un conocimiento muy basico del idioma ruso pero me cuesta mucho practicarlo por eso busco personas que puedan ayudarme al respecto. Tambien me gustaria aprender los idiomas arabe y malayo , bueno es un reto para mi poder hacerlo. Tengo la esperanza de encontrar personas que tengan la vocacion de enseñar y asi poder aprender y amliar mis horizontes.

Native language: Spanish
Hobbies: Movies, Surfing the web, Watch TV
Sports that I practice / like: Soccer, Tennis

Last entrance: 1 hour, 20 minutes ago


I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
English, FrenchSpanishMale58-61Quebec, Canada
About me:  Estoy jubilado desde un ano. Hay mas tiempo para differentes actividades, como ver peliculas, jugar al golf y esculpir ( madera ). Trabajo en mi jardin en el verano. Hay tambien algunas horas para apprender el espanol para futuras viajes y la cultura espanol. Soy bilingüe ( frances & ingles ). Queria cambiar mis conociementos con otras personnas. Es un plazer para mi.

Native language: French
Hobbies: Camping, Concerts, Cooking, Cultural events, Movies, Reading, Restaurants, Travel, Watch TV, Wine tasting
Sports that I practice / like: Golf, Skating, Swimming

Last entrance: 2 hours, 38 minutes ago

I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
SpanishEnglishMale22-25Madrid, Spain
About me:  Hello, my name is Alfonso i am 25 years old and i want to practice english, because it is very important for every job that i want to do. I finished my degree the last year and i think that i am a very fun and normal guy. If you want we can speak once or twice per week to improve the language that we want. Thanks for your atencion I hope your answer A greeting

Native language: Spanish
Hobbies: Dinner parties, Movies, Go for drinks, Reading, Travel
Sports that I practice / like: Snow skiing, Soccer, Surfing, Tennis

Last entrance: 2 hours, 30 minutes ago

I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
About me:  Hello .I'm looking for mates to chat with them in a regular schedule. Although I'v studied English for 7 years I'm aware I need to improve my spoken skills.Skype (either with camera or without) would be a good tool to improve as well as help other people to do the same.I'd like to share my culture and language with you.I'm friendly and easygoing .

Native language: Spanish

Last entrance: 6 hours, 24 minutes ago

To become All Rounder in Languages

I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
English, Hindi, MarathiDutch, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, and others...Male22-25India
About me:  Hello Everyone, I am pd. I am basically from Pune Maharashtra. I would like to teach and learn all above mentioned languages. I am Software Engineer. I have best attraction to willing lear all main languages in worlds so looking forward for that. it's my hobby. It can be helpful for me in future. And i am sure that It will be best experience on this side to develope my learning skills towards languages.

Native language: Marathi
Hobbies: Photography, Play Music, Watch TV
Sports that I practice / like: Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball

Last entrance: 19 hours, 44 minutes ago

I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
About me:  Hola Todos :) Me llamo Edyta y quiero practicar mi Español. Siempre me gustaba la lengua española, las canciones y los seriales españoles. Ahora estudio la lengua en la escuela de idiomas (desde 2012 - sin parar) :) quiero conocer la gente para hablar i esribir español, puedo usar e-mail o skype como el medio. Si quieres practicar Polaco puedo ayudarte :) Me gusta mucho cocinar (la comida típica polaca, la comida italiana i otras), me gusta viajar por Polonia y otros países, conocer la gente y lugares nuevos interesantes. Me gusta mucho el contacto con naturaleza y por eso planto el jardín con frutas y verduras ;) Saludos

Native language: Polish
Hobbies: Cooking, Dancing, Movies, Travel
Sports that I practice / like: Biking, Soccer, Swimming

Last entrance: 22 hours, 31 minutes ago


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