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I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
English, SpanishChinese-Mandarin (Guan), English, JapaneseMale34-37Almagro, Buenos Aires (Capital Federal), Argentina
About me:  Hola. Mi nombre es Juan. Soy de Argentina. Soy instructor de buceo y para poder dar buenas clases a muchas personas necesito aprender muchos idiomas. Actualmente estoy estudiando chino mandarín (simplificado). Pero para mejorar, necesito practicar más. Por ahora llevo pocas clases y todavía no sé escribir pero léntamente va saliendo Espero que podamos charlar. Saludos *** Hi. My name is Juan. I'm from Argentina. I'm scuba diving instructor. And to be able to teach properly, I need to learn lots af languages. Right now I'm studing chinese. But in order to improve I need more practice. Until now I had been few clases and therefore I can not write yet. But with time, everything is possible. I hope we can chat or talk. Regards

Native language: Spanish
Hobbies: Camping, Photography, Surfing the web, Video games, Walking, Wine tasting
Sports that I practice / like: Biking, Diving, Sailing, Swimming

Last entrance: 15-Feb-2015

I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
Chinese-Mandarin (Guan), EnglishChinese-Mandarin (Guan), Spanish, ThaiFemale18-21Yunnan, China
About me:  My name is Jessica Baker, I am from the US, but have grown up in China. I am looking for skype language exchange partners for Spanish (latino) and Thai. My Spanish level is conversational and my Thai is at a very beginner level. In exchange I can help you practice your English or Chinese. I teach English as a second language in China as well. :)

Native language: English
Hobbies: Cooking, Crafts, Reading, Restaurants, Shopping, Surfing the web, Travel, Video games, Watch TV
Sports that I practice / like: Weight lifting, Yoga

Last entrance: 15-Feb-2015

I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
SpanishEnglishFemale18-21Lima, Peru
About me:  I wanna be your Peruvian friend! I am Betsabe and I am here to know about different cultures, tell about my country and know new people. I want to learn to speak English :) If anyone wants to teach me English, I would be very grateful. I think my level is intermediate, I'm studying this language six months ago.

Native language: Spanish
Hobbies: Crafts, Photography, Painting, Poetry
Sports that I practice / like: Biking, Jogging / running, Swimming

Last entrance: 12-Feb-2015

Please teach me Dutch

I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
English, JapaneseDutch, SpanishFemale34-37Osaka, Japan
About me:  Hello everyone! I'm a Japanese woman from Osaka. I have been speaking English since I was 12 and also lived in the US for 8 years. Now I want to start learning Dutch. I'm looking for serious language & culture exchange. If your native language is Dutch and you want to learn Japanese, please contact me. I'm a complete biginner; so I need someone who can be very patient with me. I can teach standard Japanese and the Kansai dialect. Even if you are just starting to learn Japanese, don't worry. I can explain the Japanese grammar in English. I look forward to hearing from you. Also, I'm looking for a native speaker of Spanish from Spain and Hispanoamérica who can speak basic English and can help me in English when I cannot express myself in Spanish well enough. The level of my Spanish is intermediate. In return I can help you learn Japanese. Sorry, I don't use Facebook. I add only serious and respectful people on Skype. I hope to hear from people who are serious about learning Japan ...

Native language: Japanese
Hobbies: Crafts, Cultural events, Go for drinks, Movies, Reading, Surfing the web, Travel, Walking, Watch TV
Sports that I practice / like: Diving, Hiking, Swimming

Last entrance: 12-Feb-2015

I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
Chinese-Cantonese (Yue), Chinese-Mandarin (Guan), EnglishSpanishFemale26-29Spain
About me:  Hi everyone, I am Witney from Hong Kong. Currently staying in Barcelona for learning Spanish. My mother language is Cantonese, but I can speak fluent English and Mandarin. I am a social worker, like travelling and making new friends.Spanish to me is a very beautiful and sexy language, also it is my life long learning, i wish i could have more time and opportunities to practice it. And if you are interested in Cantonese, you have good taste! I will be more than happy to teach you and practice with you. Thank you. Nice to meet you! Witney

Native language: Chinese-Cantonese (Yue)
Hobbies: Cooking, Movies, Painting, Photography, Restaurants, Travel
Sports that I practice / like: Swimming, Yoga

Last entrance: 12-Feb-2015

I fluently speak:I want to practice:I am:My age:I am currently in:
Catalan, Spanish, French, EnglishGerman, Catalan, French, English, RussianFemale18-21Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
About me:  ¡Hola! Soy una estudiante de Traducción e Interpretación en Barcelona y me gustaría practicar idiomas y hacer amigos extranjeros. Hablo inglés, francés, catalán y español y estoy aprendiendo ruso. Mi lengua materna es el castellano pero hablo fluidamente el inglés y especialmente el francés. También me gustaría practicar el ruso aunque tengo un nivel muy básico y quiero aprender alemán. Me encantan los idiomas y disfruto yendo al cine.

Native language: Spanish
Hobbies: Movies, Cooking, Writing, Shopping, Reading, Watch TV, Walking, Play Music, Travel
Sports that I practice / like: Basketball

Last entrance: 11-Feb-2015


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